Class Descriptions

BOOTCAMP Our early morning Bootcamp is aimed to sculpt and lean your body and get

rid of those unpleasant bulges. Our variety of fast paced workouts use the most effective

tools, such as kettle bells, free weights, Bosu ball and bands will get your heart pumping and fat burning.

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POWER HOUR Our Power Hours are small group classes combining high intensity interval

training, body zone toning and Kick Boxing to burn off stress and excessive pounds as

effective as possible. Ideal for all levels, perfect for you and your friends after dropping off

the kids or during lunch time!!

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ABS & CARDIO ABS & Cardio is a half hour of intense core work. You’ll work your entire

core and learn new exercises to help sculpt the body! This class is a high-energy, total-body

workout that focuses on every muscle group at an intensity that will simultaneously improve

your cardiovascular strength and endurance.

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STRENGTH & BARRE Develop overall body muscular strength and endurance by using

the body bar as your resistance tool. You will also develop core strength and flexibility with a

variety of creative and fun exercise movements. Come work it out with the body bar!

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LIFT & SHRED Our Exclusive MEN ONLY is designed to build a lean strong body in

MINIMUM time! Increase your energy and performance, burn stress after work and get TOP

Nutritional Counseling geared to your needs. We use the top rated tools such as the TRX

system as well as a variety of bodyweight training to get you results FAST!

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FITteenz – Our popular Teen program is ideal for ages 11-17 and is a fun class combining

agility, speed and balance exercises with core and posture strengthening. We also provide

information on how to deal with nutrition choices and school stress. Your kids will emerge

feeling stronger and happier! It is taught in a small group setting to enable individual attention.

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FIT Body FOCUS Ready to reset and clean up your diet and crank up your work outs to

attack those extra stubborn areas? Ready for true accountability and support from our expert

nutrition coaches? Every Saturday our Fitbody Challenge teams are working hard towards

new personal and group goals. We cover food habits and behavioral issues and offer bullet

proof solutions to healthy routines and life changing lasting results. Take the Challenge and

change your LIFE!!

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STRONG SMART SAFE It is our exclusive small group personal Safety and Anti-bullying

workshop. We keep each group within the same age range. These 2 hour classes are fun, but

also intense and very hands-on and cover scenarios, during which participants will learn and

apply the most effective violence prevention techniques. Maximum 8 participants.

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