Sophia’s Picks


Sophia’s Picks

Many of my clients like to know what resource I use and trust. From kitchen appliances to make fresh, wholesome food, to books that really have fabulous information. Here are some of my favorites (click on any for more information). Any specific requests, send me an email. I am happy to share a good thing!


Vitamix 5200 Standard Package


VitamixThis appliance is just fabulous. Make your own hummus in a minute. Create fabulous smoothies. Hot soups! Nut Milks. Wheat Grass shots. This list goes on and on! I seem to use this everyday for something.

Forks Over Knives – DVD



This is a real eye-opener. When you rent, buy or borrow it, make sure the whole family watches! If you haven’t thought about where your food comes from and what exactly you are putting in your mouth – you will after this!

Food Matters – Book

Mark Bittman offers an excellent overview of how to take care of your body while taking care of the planet. He explains simply buzzwords like “organic,” “sustainable” and “local” and offers straightforward, budget-conscious advice that will help you make small changes that will shrink your carbon footprint — and your waistline. A great read!

Other Websites with Great Info

Health News, Tips, Products, Research, etc.:

Interested in furthering your knowledge of the latest health information and/or becoming a health coach yourself:

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