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Why would I need health coaching? Let’s face it most of us know what to do. If we don’t, information is so readily available at our fingertips that we can access it within minutes. Or is it that easy? The information sources are infinite, and often contradictory. Plus, what’s good for one is not good (or sometimes really bad) for another. And, let’s say you do find your path to total health, can you stick to it?

PhyZeke health coaching sessions are customized to each client and his or her specific needs. We help you to make small, incremental lifestyle modifications that will give you permanent positive change—not some fad diet that gives you temporary results only to backfire on you as soon as you go off of it. We continue to support you even if you do go off track! The end result—you reach your goals and you are able to maintain your newly found health and vitality.

Book your complementary strategy session today. Together we will figure out how to get you ‘unstuck’ and moving forward to accomplish your health goals.

PhyZeke Health Seminars

We offer a variety of health seminars for groups. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Additionally, take a look at our resources section full of helpful tips, recipes and products that contribute to a healthful way of living.