PhyZeke Fitness is all about results, and we are honored to share some testimonials from a few of our clients. Our personal trainers work tirelessly to ensure that each of our clients achieve their goals. Scroll down to find videos of some of our clients sharing their stories and how PhyZeke impacted their lives.

Greg & Janine: “…I think by far it is the best workout I’ve ever done…after 3 children [Zeke] really brought my body back…”

Kristen: “…I put on a bathing suit and I don’t even think about it. I love that freedom! That whole self-confidence baggage doesn’t exist.”

Debi & Rori: “…I’ve never had a trainer as positive and supportive and that makes it so fun…I’m retired and I’m in better shape than I was [20 or 30] years ago…”

Johnathan: “…I’ve lost almost 50 pounds easily…The fact that [Zeke] cares makes me care even more because I don’t want to let [Zeke] down…”

Kristen: “…Zeke is an amazing trainer…after my 3rd child…completely changed my body…never felt so good in my whole life…and he makes it fun!”

Other Testimonials:Zeke has been gifted with a passion for helping others improve their physical well-being. At first, it seems as though he cares more about your health than you do. And then his passion and enthusiasm carries over, especially when you begin seeing and feeling results. – S.D.Zeke isn’t just someone who takes his clients through the same exercises all the time. One of the best things about him is that he learns what your goals are and makes sure he tailors the exercises to meet those goals. – P.L.Since working with Sophia, I have a different outlook on what I eat and how I think. I see how food and exercise impacts my body. I am very mindful and careful of the foods that I eat, the amounts and how I eat, and the time that I eat. My blood sugar has been in the double digits. I no longer have problems with my digestive system. – M.W.

Zeke is able to make the most exhausted individual enjoy a one hour work out, even while burning off the calories. He will mix up the routine so each session will be unique. Don’t get me wrong, you WILL break a sweat. – D.B